• Kimberly Boone

What's the Chatter With You?

It's the end of week and we are heading into the weekend! If you are a huge football fan like I am, then you are truly excited about the Super Bowl! But, as we reflect on this past week, how have you been mentally this week? Do you feel mentally exhausted? Has your mind been all over the place? Have you had racing thoughts? Have you felt anxious at all? Taking a moment to reflect on the week and being mindful of how you are feeling is key to having a relaxing weekend. If you don't take time for self-reflection and address all that has been coming at you this past week, the weekend won't be exciting for you and you will go into next week feeling drained and not on top of your game.

Evaluating the chatter in your mind daily and then doing a weekly evaluation at the end of the week enables you to identify those trouble spots and develop a strategy on how to better handle and manage things moving forward. It allows you to plan ahead and be proactive. But, it also allows you to learn how to protect your mind and emotions from being overtaken by the day to day issues that arise. Your thoughts are automatic, but your responses don't have to be. When we make a conscious effort to really be in tune with your mind, body, and spirit, we learn to become better manager over your thoughts and are then able to get in front of them before they take over us.

This evening, take the time to release the chatter and everything that has weighed you down from this week. Be intentional about it and watch the weight of the world release from your shoulders. Be present in all that you do and truly enjoying the precious moments with family and friends. There's nothing like it!


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