• Kimberly Boone

Run Your Race

Many times we set out to accomplish goals and we are very excited about the pursuit. However, as we begin to prepare, research, and look for inspiration, we begin to feel less excited and more inadequate because we begin to compare ourselves to other people. We see their end result and at times their process and we begin to wonder why things are not unfolding for us like it is for them. The more we begin to measure ourselves against others, the more we grow increasingly anxious about the work we set out to do. Yet, in all of this comparison thinking we forget to factor in the fact that you are not running in the same race with them so you are competing for no reason at all.

Your process and your journey is not the same as the next person. Even if you are trying to accomplish the same goal, you are fundamentally not the same and therefore, will not go about doing things the same way. What makes us unique is that we can all have the same end goal, but our experiences, expertise, and drive will cause us to take various routes to get to the finish line. You must embrace your journey and the trials that you may face along the way. The lessons that you learn are what you need to become all that you are created to be.

Success doesn't come overnight. However, your big break may come overnight, but the work that you put into getting to that big break took perseverance, confidence, determination, and most importantly faith. You must remember that the race is not given to the swift or to the strong, but to the one that endures until the end. The way to get there is by focusing on your own end game and running your race. You must be steadfast and disciplined in order to get to the finish line. Your goal is to win your race, not someone else's. #MJConsistencyPays #MJConsistencyChallenge

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