• Kimberly Boone

Pace Yourself

When trying to accomplish so many goals or feeling like you are on the verge of a breakthrough, you must pace yourself. We get excited about where we are trying to go and all of the things that are happening for us and around us and we take off running to the finish line. The problem with this is that we can go too fast and lose steam. We end up taking on too many projects at once and we before we know it, we run out of gas and we begin to crash.

Slowing down and pacing yourself is a key component to success. As the saying goes, "Slow and steady wins the race." On the flip side, there is another saying that says, "Hearts run fast, hearts die fast." We must learn to take a step back and plan for what's next. We must set things in place and continue to move forward, but we must move with wisdom and have a sound mind.

I have learned for myself that I can get super excited about accomplishing a goal and/or seeing the finish line and then lose sight of the process. I must then stop, slow down, and remind myself that speed does not equate to efficiency. Things take time to cultivate. We must not look at someone else's finish product and think that it happened for them overnight. You are just seeing the fruit of their labor; not the blood, sweat, and tears that it took plant and produce the fruit. Take the time to evaluate your motives and remember why you set out to do the thing in the first place. I have learned that as long as I put God first, have faith in Him, put things in perspective, develop a plan, and execute, then everything will work out just fine. God has the final say. You can't outrun God so you might as well slow down and enjoy the ride! #MJConsistencyChallenge #MJConsistencyPays

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