• Kimberly Boone

It's Hard to See Yourself

As a therapist, often times I come across people who are trying to gain clarity or find the answer as to why their life is the way that it is, or why did that happen to me. As we are going through the journey of processing how he/she got to this place, I am often met with opposition when I shift the focus to them and how they may have contributed to the very thing that is causing them distress. Some get offended, some is adamant that it is not them, it's the other person, while others simply refuse to see how they could contribute to any downfall because they made the right choices.

I often find it funny that when I began to challenge them and force them to turn the camera lens around and focus on themselves, they began to feel uncomfortable and don't know how to proceed further. It is at this moment that the real work can begin and that I am able to assess how vulnerable one is willing to become in order to get the breakthrough or the healing that they are searching for. Looking within is a very difficult task. It forces us to take our eyes off others and to look at our own flaws and faults, rather than pointing out other people's imperfections. Although daunting, this type of introspection is necessary if you want to truly get to the core of your issues. It's not always about what someone did to you. Sometimes, it is about what you did to yourself, how you view yourself, how you perceived the situation, how you chose to not show up in a big way, or how you decided to settle when bigger and greater things were waiting on you.

Seeing yourself for who you really are is also difficult because you are often to busy hiding behind who we want others to see. So much so, that you often begin to believe that the pretend you is the real you. In order to truly become whole and be who God has called you to be, you must be able to become vulnerable and truly look within. This is not a task for the faint at heart, but it is definitely a task for the one who is willing to risk it all to truly live a life of psychological, emotional, and spiritual wellness and wholeness. I have decided to always look within and check myself when necessary so that I will always see myself before I see others. Are you bold enough to look within? Don't get in the habit of judging others. If you look deep enough you may find that those same skeletons are hanging in your closet. #MJConsistencyChallenge #MJConsistencyPays

xoxo, Kimberly

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