• Kimberly Boone


Today, I was listening to this sermon series by Pastor Dharius Daniels about insecurity. I almost scrolled passed it because I thought, “I don’t need this; I’m not insecure.” Yet, I felt a pull to listen to it and so I went back to it.

The sermon series was amazing because it focused on how the reason why we don’t become who God has called us to be is because of our insecurities. We are so busy focusing on what others may think or measuring our abilities against someone else‘s and before we know it, we become stuck and never walk in our calling. This struck a cord with me because I realize that I often have this imaginary measuring stick that I use and it often causes me to become fearful or stagnant because I don’t think I can do what other’s are doing. The thing is, I’m right! I can’t do what they are doing because that is what they are called to do. God called me to do and to be something else; therefore, my only measuring stick should be based on high God is taking me.

Too many times we allow insecurity, fear, and false humility to stifle us. We must make a decision to no longer continue to be stuck in cycles and we must step out on faith and start to live the life that God has called us to be. I want you to think about what you believe that God has called you to and then I want you to think about what is stopping you from executing that thing? I don‘t know about you, but I’m ready to receive all that God has for me and I’m going after it! Who’s going with me? #MJConsistencyChallenge #MJConsistencyPays

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