• Kimberly Boone

Faith Doesn’t Care What Others Say!

Often times when we make the decision to step out on faith and do something, people become skeptical and try to discourage us. Some may think that you are being irrational, emotional, or just downright “crazy.” It is at these moments where you have to be strong enough in your conviction to go against the grain or you will bypass your dream because you care too much about what other people think.

As a result of caring so much about what other people think, our dreams, desires and our mental health gets thrown by the wayside. It no longer becomes about what we want; instead, it becomes about pleasing other people or not appearing foolish in the eyes of others.

I have come to learn that in order for me to live out my purpose and life’s calling, I have to do the unexpected. I have to make the decisions that appear foolish to others. I have to no longer care about what others think and do what I know and believe in my heart that God is calling me to do. You see, it is not meant for them to see or understand your vision because God gave it to you, not them. Therefore, don’t get mad when others try to discourage you or attempt to persuade you to live a life that is undesirable. It’s because they are looking out of a different lens. Your lenses have vision beyond what they can see. Don’t lose sight on your dream. What God has called you to do will be revealed in due time. Stay focused and let yiur faith in God lead the way! #MJConsistencyPays #MJConsistencyChallenge

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