• Kimberly Boone


Updated: Jul 15, 2020

As we examine the pandemic and the climate of the world around us, we are finding ourselves having to cope with the fact that things are getting worse before they get better.

Covid numbers are on the rise, but just a few months ago we were told that the numbers would drastically decrease due to the hot weather. Instead, the heat made covid angry and it began to spread like wildfires. As a parent, I am becoming increasingly anxious and concerned about my child going back to school. The safety of my child and others are at the forefront of my mind and I am grappling with making the right and best decision for my child.

How do our children learn how to maintain and be successful at getting this covid-ucation? Our children are basically at the mercy of covid and traditional ways of learning are no longer a safe option. I mean, the schools, governors, and local state officials had plenty of time to get it together, but there are still so many uncertainties and so many reasons why we need to keep our children at home. Covid-ucation is not the answer for a child who suffers from a learning disability. Covid-ucation is not the answer for a single mother who can't afford to stay at home with her children. Covid-ucation is not the answer for children to be at risk in the classroom because they cannot adequately social distance. Covid-ucation is just not good for us all. As a concerned parent, this is at the top of my list of major decisions that I need to make in my life. How are you holding up?

We must remember to check with our children. Include them in the discussion and ask them what they would like to . For the younger children, making sure that they understand the importance of wearing mask and what social distancing means. We must educate our children the best that we can and continue to give them tips and tools on how to stay safe if they have to go to school. The mental health of our children is vital during these times because they are attempting to learn in a highly anxious environment in the midst of so many unknown variables. In addition, their whole social norm as they know it has been interrupted and parts of it dismissed to a certain degree. Our children are going through lot and they must attempt to continue to learn under these stressful conditions. Much prayer is needed to help get us through this pandemic. I wonder if they will allow prayer in the schools now, because chile we need it now more than ever! #MJConsistencyChallenge #MJConsistencyPays

xoxo, Kimberly

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