• Kimberly Boone

Anxiety is the New Normal

Anxiety is the most common word that I hear daily. Whether it is a new client or one that I have been seeing for awhile, most of them say that they are feeling anxious when asked how they have been feeling. The pandemic has caused many people to become increasingly anxious everyday. The constant change of information on the news and the daily routine of washing our hands, wearing a mask, and social distancing has caused hysteria and paranoia for many people. For those of us who have suffered from some type of anxiety disorder or symptoms of anxiety pre-pandemic, this has only intensified what we were already feeling. The worse part is that know one knows when this will ever end.

Now that we have been dealing with this situation and operating in these conditions for almost 5 months now, you would think that the level of anxiety would reduce for many of us. However, what I am finding is that the longer we have to live like this the more the symptoms increase for some. New decisions have to made as work conditions changes, new cases arise, and the world becomes less safe with each passing day. Some parents are having to make the hard decision as to whether or not to send their kids to school, while other parents don’t have a choice but to put their kids at risk because childcare is not an option for them.

The lack of control and the constant state of unknown has caused us to develop anxiety symptoms and for some, an actual anxiety disorder. Anxiety stems from a perceived or real feeling that you have lost control or that things out of control and the strong urge of desire to control the things that you can’t causes anxiety. Not knowing when this will end, not knowing if you or someone you know may have COVID-19, and not being able to move freely as we uses to causes extreme anxiety. However, if we learn how to operate as if this is the new way of living from now on, the anxiety will begin to decrease because the need for change will decrease and acceptance will increase.

Choose to let go of those things that are beyond our control and allow God to do what He will. None of us knows if we will have go back to the way things were. But, we can continue to keep living, be safe, and make the best of this new way of living. Make the proper and necessary adjustments and choose to live on life’s terms. It will free you, help ease your mind, and make each day more and more bearable. Trust God. #MJConsistencyChallenge


xoxo, Kimberly

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