• Kimberly Boone

3 Tips to Avoid Mental Exhaustion

Have you ever gotten to the point where you felt like you were just mentally exhausted? I mean so mentally drained that it literally hurt to think? I have so many times, and to be honest, I feel that way as I am typing this blog post. Sometimes we can do so much at one time, for too many people, and with no constraints. We set ourselves up for the mental exhaustion by thinking that we are Superwoman and that we can handle it all. The harsh reality is that at times we can handle it all and other times, we can't handle even a fraction of it. Ladies, how do we stop ourselves from falling down this rabbit hole of perfectionism and overextension?

I found that there a few tips that can help you to avoid this level of burnout and help you to reset so that you can function properly and be effective daily.

  1. Don't ignore the warning signs. When we are running out of the ability to operate in our full capacity, our body sends us signals letting us that it is time to slow down. Whether we feel anxious, headaches, fatigue, lack of motivation, (among other things), our body informs us that we are doing too much and it's time to slow down.

  2. Take some time to reset. Taking some time to reset is vital for your mental, emotional, and physical health. Sit with yourself and scan your body to assess for things that seem off or unsettling. Practice meditation and deep breathing exercises regularly so that your body gets use to these practices and will automatically know how to respond if you are in crisis.

  3. Schedule vacation time quarterly. Scheduling vacation time doesn't always mean that you are going somewhere. In today's climate it is virtually impossible anyway. Give yourself some time away from the hustle and grind. If all you do is work, you will never enjoy the fruits of your labor. You must be willing to take a break from it all so that the work continues to be enjoyable and doesn't become daunting.

These 3 simple tips are highly effective if practiced regularly. In order to avoid or eradicate mental exhaustion you must be willing to admit that you are tired and that you are not perfect and does not have to always strive to please others. Give yourself some grace to not always be available. It will improve your mental, emotional and physical health! #MJConsistencyChallenge

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