Clinical Supervision & Coaching for therapists:  60-90 minutes weekly
“I provide clinical supervision for beginning therapists who need guidance and assistance in managing their client caseload, understanding how to adequately diagnosis a client, and for those who are seeking licensure.  I also provide coaching for those who are seasoned therapists and need guidance on how to successfully build and maintain a private practice.

Coaching:  1-1 packages are available:
Clarity Session-90 minutes—If you are need a quick strategy session to help you gain clarity and insight to set you on the path to personal wholeness and success, then this is the session for you!  This session allows you to ask me as many questions as you’d like and gain the knowledge, guidance and tools to help you jumpstart your breakthrough!

Breakthrough Power Session-4 hours-This 4 hour “Breakthrough Power Session” allows you to gain perspective and purpose, while developing a blueprint to help you start this path to freedom.  These 4 hours are jam packed with information and tools to help you gain clarity, insight, wisdom, hope, and the confidence that you have been looking for!  It will allow you to streamline your focus on where you want to go and how to get there.  I will pour into you all that I can within these few hours and set you on the path to wholeness and freedom!  

6 Week Program-“Empowerment Series”—This six week 1-1 program is designed to not only help you gain clarity, but it will also give you hope, insight, wisdom, confidence, strength, and empower you to break free from all of the barriers that have been holding you back!  The Empowerment Series will give you the psychological, emotional and spiritual transformation that you need to walk into your purpose!  Whether you are a leader, coach, entrepreneur, educator, executive, mom, or someone who just needs to tap into that next level of freedom, the Empowerment Series is for you!”  What is included:  6 live calls/video, weekly video instruction, worksheets, transformational assignments, unlimited email and chat access. Join the many women have taken the journey!  Your life won’t be the same!

3 Month Program-“Transformation Series”-This series is designed for those who are truly on the path of psychological, emotional, and spiritual transformation!  In this series, you gain everything that I teach in the 6-week Breakthrough Series, plus much more!  This series is designed to help you see things more clearly, work through all of the barriers that have you kept from truly walking into your purpose, settle into who you really are, and gain the confidence and the strength to move past who you were and become who you were destined to be.  I will provide you with an internal compass that will lead you down a path of psychological, emotional, and spiritual transformation that will equip you to look into the depths of your soul and learn how to navigate and manage your thoughts and emotions.  You will become empowered to live out your God designed purpose! In this series, you will get everything offered in the 6-Week “Breakthrough Series,” plus 9 extra live phone/video calls!  You also received access to me through text message and two 30-minute check-ins per month.  This series is life changing!  Start the journey today! 


Single Sessions-75 minutes—For those of you who would like to receive ongoing coaching without being limited to a timeframe, I offer individual coaching sessions that takes you on this journey of breakthrough and transformation at your pace.  Each session is individualized and catered to meet your needs and goals.  The sessions are very intuitive and require you to do a lot of introspection in order to get the outcome that you desire and at your own pace.

Group-6 Week Program-“H.O.P.E. Academy (Helping Others Produce Excellence) —This 6 Week Group program is designed to help you unlock your gifts, walk into your purpose, and live a life of excellence through a unique group experience.  Under my leadership and guidance, you will come on a journey of self-actualization and cultivate what you have inside of you to live a life of excellence.  In this course, you will also discover some gifts that you did not know that you possess and will learn how to tap into and use those gifts and to become purposeful in all that you do.  At the end of the course, you will be confident in your abilities and leave with a blueprint of how to use what you have to your advantage in all areas of your life.  Whether you are a coach, educator, speaker, entrepreneur, executive, leader, minister, or trying to find your place, this group program is for you!  Not only will you be able to learn from my experiences and expertise, but you will learn from one another and develop a sisterhood that can last a lifetime!  In this program, you will have one live video call with group each week, you will have video lectures and assignments to discuss on the call, you will have worksheets and other tools to download to keep after the program, and you will have access to a private chat for ongoing discussion throughout the 6 weeks.  You will also be assigned accountability partners to offer encouragement and guidance along the way.  This is program will be challenging, but fun!  Get ready to work!  The H.O.P.E. Academy will begin in August 2020 with limited availability!  Lock in your spot now before they are gone!   

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