1:1 Monthly Coaching Package (4x75 Minute Sessions):  This is package is for individuals who are looking for a breakthrough and transformation without having to share your time with a group!  These 75 minute sessions are designed to cater to your individualized needs.  I combine a unique "clinical coaching" technique that I designed by combining my clinical and coaching skills to help you gain clarity, knowledge, perspective and the tools that you need to be successful in all areas of your life.  These coaching sessions are very intuitive and require you to do a lot of introspection in order to get the outcome that you desire at your own pace.  We will also address the mindset shifts that it will take you to the next level and help you become the best version of you!  Join me on this journey of transformation and start living a life of purpose on purpose!  *These sessions can be renewed every month to continue your journey if desired.


Clarity Coaching Session (1x90 Minute Session):  If you are in need of a quick strategy session to help you gain clarity and insight to set you on a path to personal wellness, wholeness and success, then this session is for you!  This session allows you to ask me as many questions as you'd like to gain the knowledge and tools that you need to help jumpstart your breakthrough!  This session is designed for those who feel that they don't need ongoing guidance and expert knowledge, but just a quick call to set things in motion so that you can start living your best live!


Breakthrough Power Session (1x 4 Hour Session):  This 4 hour breakthrough power session allows you to gain perspective and purpose, while developing a blueprint to help you start your path to living life on your own terms!  These 4 hours are individualized to meet your needs and are jam packed with information and tools to help you gain clarity, insight, wisdom, hope and the confidence that you have been looking for!  Whether you are looking for coaching on mindset, life, career, or business, this breakthrough session will allow you to streamline your focus on where you want to go and how to get there.  I will pour into you all that I can in these few hours and set you on a path to wholeness, purpose, and freedom!