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The Story

As a licensed clinical mental health therapist over the past 17 years, I have discovered that many people, including myself, suffer from a symptom that I have termed "mental chatter."  Mental chatter are those thoughts that creep into your mind that are hard to shut off and often cause anxiety and/or depression symptoms to emerge.  As a mental health practitioner, everyone is surprised that I too suffered from anxiety and had to learn how to manage and rid my mind of the mental chatter.  That's why I decided to start this blog, to show everyone that even the "experts" have difficulty managing our thoughts and emotions and that you are NOT alone!  I have helped myself and many others who were having a difficult time quieting the thoughts in their mind, gain the proper tools to help conquer this mental chatter that can become overwhelming and even debilitating for some.  Follow me as I give you tips, tools, and help you discover the motivation to change your life and rid your mind of the mental chatter!